Disaster Animal Rescue Team (DART)

After the Oakland fire, Hurricane Katrina, and other local California fires it has become very apparent that each town needs a well thought out emergency plan to evacuate not only its residents, but their companion animals and livestock too.

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In times of disaster, agencies and people that normally assist you and your animals will most likely be unable to come to your aid immediately.  Therefore, everyone should be prepared to sustain themselves and their animals, including livestock, for a minimum of 3-5 days.

On the following pages are documents that are meant to assist residents of the Woodside Fire Protection District on how to become prepared with your companion animals and livestock during an emergency in our District.

Mission Statement

Large and Small Animal Rescue

Pet Disaster Preparation Guidelines

Microchip your Animals

DART Animal Database

Photo Gallery

For Questions or More Information, contact: Stephanie Trewhitt.